Tai Pei

Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, and Package Design


Tai Pei offers a wide selection of heat-and-eat foods packed with exciting flavors. They have always put flavor first and wanted their redesign to reflect this. Truly was tasked with keeping the brand recognizable and relevant, while attracting younger consumers who are looking for quick and tasty options.


Everything about the Tai Pei redesign is bigger, bolder, and flavor-forward.

The food continues to be the star—maximizing the available space on package to let the flavors shine. The rich color palette and custom illustrations give the brand a modern, youthful feel. Improved legibility of the logo, flavors, and callouts help busy shoppers quickly identify what they’re looking for.

Tai Pei’s iconic dragon was brought to life with a makeover that takes it from serious and elusive to friendly and approachable. The result is a brand that is in a better position to connect with a younger audience and a design system that is ready for future innovations.