Petite Cuisine

Brand Positioning
Logo Design
Package Design

Petite Cuisine tasked us with redesigning their Mozzarella Sticks packaging to better reflect their brand mission of “elevating everyday occasions, big and small”. Our goal was to shift the brand in a more culinary direction, highlighting the quality of the product, while also improving their shelf breakthrough in a club store environment.


New overhead photography connects package-to-package for a better brand-block impact on shelf and improves appetite appeal by spotlighting individual mozzarella sticks, their crispy seasoned breading, and cheesy pulls. Small details like scattered salt and parsley on a slate background further supports the desired culinary feel.

The logo was refined for easier legibility and increased brand awareness. Functional aspects of the package communication also was an essential component to the redesign. The prominent product name and quantity are tailor-made for the value-minded club store shopper. The overall result improves shop-ability and perfectly balances the fun energy of a finger-food with the sophistication of a dinner-party appetizer.