Organic Living Superfoods

Logo and Package Design, Brand Positioning

Organic Living Superfoods creates powerfully delicious snacks of the highest quality and nutritional value. In order to grow beyond the loyal following they had already acquired, Organic Living Superfoods needed to revamp their branding and package design to better represent the flavor and purity of their products. With several categories and nearing one-hundred SKUs, they also needed a well-organized, consistent system with enough flexibility built in to convey the unique characteristics of each product.


Categories were color-coded and given new names to express their product attributes in a lively and inspiring tone of voice. Product names are clearly called out and paired with photography to communicate the natural flavor profiles, while product attributes are neatly organized in a vertical tab.

The brandmark stands prominently at the top of each bag, burnt into the wood background. The new logo leverages the equity of their existing “pea-pod hero”, redrawn in a seal and powered by their energizing superfood ingredients.

The new system greatly improves shop-ability and builds brand awareness with an honest feel that is earthy, bold, and lively - representing a brand that never skimps on health, flavor, or fun.