Ling Ling®

Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, and Package Design

Ling Ling® has been delivering authentic, yet approachable, flavors of your favorite Asian foods since launching from an immigrant-owned, San Francisco Bay Area restaurant in 1986. After decades of expansion, Ling Ling® sought our help to create a cohesive system with stronger brand recognition and improved shopability across their wide variety of crowd-pleasing Asian meals.


We leveraged the brand’s “Joyful Yellow” hue, which not only brings unity to the product line, but also helps the brand stand out in a category steeped in dark, dramatic packaging. In contrast, the savory blue watercolor background lends a rich texture that allows the food to pop. We also modernized their logo, which includes a redrawn version of the beloved namesake panda, Ling Ling, enclosed in a shape that creates a safe space for the brandmark regardless of the surrounding environment. And, most importantly, the logo is now proudly and consistently displayed across all touchpoints.

The Ling Ling® design refresh is a modern take on its predecessor while still honoring the brand’s rich heritage with a more impactful presence that shines right through the freezer doors.