Jovial Foods

Brand Positioning and Package Design


Jovial's unwavering commitment to providing inherently good food through old-world practices and trusted partnerships with small family farms has produced tremendous growth across multiple product lines in recent years. We were tasked to help unify and refresh Jovial's brand story and more clearly communicate key information, aiding consumers in discovering new products regardless of food sensitivities.


Before jumping into the redesign, our first step was to help Jovial hone in on the unique brand attributes and emotions associated with their core brand personality. With Einkorn (an easily digestible ancient grain), Gluten Free, and Grain Free product lines, Jovial serves up delicious options with everyone in mind, providing a more inclusive way for consumers to enjoy their favorite foods. We visually expressed this spirit of inclusivity using a “Gentle Joyful” design style, reflected across all their packages.

Layered watercolor illustrations evoke a serene farm landscape, while actual farm photos are tucked under each plate so consumers can see where their food is grown. The simplified architecture and soft, earthy color palette clearly distinguish the different product lines. Mouthwatering food shots lead to recipes on back, helping consumers successfully craft delicious meals that fit their specific dietary needs.

The new packaging system maintains the values at the heart of the brand with a cohesive system that aids in shopabilty without sacrificing Jovial’s individuality.


"Sales increased by 27% compared to the same period during the prior year, significantly outpacing growth for the category overall."


​“Our growth since then has been tremendous across categories,and particularly for pasta.”

​“We now have 12 pasta items being nationally distributed through Whole Foods and seven pasta items in Walmart—plus three items with regional distribution through Target. That just doesn't happen if the design isn’t working, if it's not clearly separating the brand from its competitors.”

Frank Bergin