Naming, Brand Identity, Package Design, Tradeshow Booth Design

SOFAR, Innovia’s parent company, is well-known as one of Italy’s leading digestive health companies due to their proven efficacy and long lineage of health product innovations. Our goal in creating the package design was to bring out the uplifting energy of the company while showcasing the immensely important scientific research that the product exudes.


When deciding upon a name, it was crucial that it clearly represented the brand’s unprecedented product design while simultaneously illustrating its proven health benefits and delicious taste. The name Innovia was the perfect embodiment of these two: innovia, taken from the word ‘innovation’ and via meaning ‘pathway’ in Italian. Innovia is the quintessential blend of science and taste, beauty and brains, culminating in a unique product that's quickly creating a presence in the probiotic category.

Innovia collectively decided upon a package design that linked together the purpose of the product with a clean aesthetic that consumers would be drawn to. It was imperative to Innovia that the overall design felt as innovative and unique as their products. ​The vibrant, uplifting colors give way to the brand’s Italian heritage, keeping aligned with the company’s core message and values of living life to the fullest in good health. Special printing techniques, including a soft-touch laminate, metallic foil, and embossing, were utilized to raise the level of sophistication and support the premium price point.