Farmer Focus

Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, Package Design

Farmer Focus is a brand from SVO (Shenandoah Valley Organic) - a family-run, organic chicken company founded in 2013 by a farmer who wanted to revolutionize his industry by inviting farmers to the table and compensating them for their work at nearly twice the rate conventional chicken companies offer.


Clearly a company on the right path, SVO approached Truly Creative to improve their brand appeal on shelf. Their existing packaging was distinct among the competition, and while it was successful in conveying an organic, anti-industrial feel, there was a critical element missing: the package design focused on the cut of chicken, rather than their real point of difference - the farmer.

We put the spotlight back on the farmer, reinforcing the brand name and connecting on an emotional level to convey their purpose. The goal was to make their mission so clear that consumers could easily tell their friends, “I buy this brand because they support local family farms."

The design chosen strongly conveys the idea of preserving family farms for the next generation, with a father and daughter walking hand-in-hand through their farm. The Blue Ridge Mountains in the background really resonated with local consumers. We also worked to improve the messaging on package - keeping it simple and making every word impactful. We found that while “Farmer Owned Chicken” was an important element of the brand, it wasn't easily understood by consumers, so we instead locked up “Supporting local family farms” with the brand - something consumers could easily understand and get behind.

We wanted to make it easy for consumers to quickly understand the difference between Farmer Focus and other brands - not just through words, but with striking visuals that connect instantly and emotionally.


​From concept through execution Truly has been critical in building the Farmer Focus brand

​The brand logo they developed for us is a true visual representation of our company's mission and the packaging design has differentiated and elevated our brand when compared to our competition."

Laura Thompson

Creative Manager

​The experience of working with Truly Creative could not have been better.

​Their expertise and professionalism helped to make the Farmer Focus brand come together as a cohesive project, and we are delighted with the success we've seen since the launch.

Jefferson Heatwole

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Shenandoah Valley Organic

Farm Photos by Richard Shultz Photography