Alex’s Awesome Sourdough

Brand Identity, Package Design, Website Design

This inspiring story began when founder, Alex Corsini, developed an autoimmune condition in 2016 and turned to nutrition in hopes to healing. After months of dieting, he discovered that modern bread, high in gluten and industrial ingredients, aggravated his symptoms. Upon his doctor’s advice, he tried sourdough as an alternative, and his symptoms quickly subsided. He shared his feel-good pizza with friends and family and, after rave reviews, felt compelled to bring the nourishing qualities of sourdough to the natural foods market.


The new branding and package design showcases this authentic journey with a colorful, storybook feel that reflects the founder’s triumph as he proudly stands atop Mount Tamalpais – a symbol carried over from their previous package design.


​“Carrie and her team go far beyond expectations to deliver thoughtful and authentic results.”

​“They are highly communicative and have an insightful perspective on all facets of design. They were pivotal in helping create a brand ethos we are all proud of. We look forward to continuing our work together and I have no hesitation recommending them! "

Alexander Corsini

Founder, CEO
A Sourdough Story